Can Cucumbers and Sunflowers Be Grown Together?

Whether you are planting cucumbers or sunflowers, there are several varieties of plants that can be used to make your garden a healthy and productive place. The right companion plants can help attract beneficial insects, protect your cucumbers from pests, and even make you more likely to produce a great crop. While both plants are able to grow in the same soil conditions, each plant has its own preferences. The following list of cucumber and sunflower companion plants is a list of those that will help you grow the best tomatoes, cucumbers, and sunflowers.

Sunflowers are a natural trellis for cucumbers, but it is important to plant them a week or so before you plant cucumbers. This will allow the sunflowers to mature and give the cucumbers time to grow. When the sunflowers are about twelve inches tall, the cucumber seeds can be planted. Planting the seeds at this time can ensure a good harvest.

Another good companion plant for cucumbers is nasturtiums. They are edible, and will provide excellent shade and protection for your cucumbers. They can also be used to repel cucumber-feeding insects, and they improve the flavor of your cucumbers. They are also an excellent ground cover plant, which helps to keep your soil cool. They have a low sprawling habit that makes them perfect for use as a companion plant.

Another plant that makes a great companion plant for cucumbers is radishes. Radishes are an extremely quick-growing vegetable that will be ready to harvest before your cucumbers begin to overgrow. Radishes are also a great deterrent for cucumber beetles. They are also an excellent pest repellent, and will help your cucumbers avoid diseases like cucumber blight. They will also add a lot of diversity to your bed.

You can also use other vegetables as companion plants for your cucumbers. Beans are another excellent choice. They will fix nitrogen in the soil and help you increase your nutrient availability. If you are looking for something to keep insects away from your cucumbers, chives is another great option. These plants have purple flowers that look like pom poms. They are also known to be excellent deterrents for pests, and they also attract beneficial predators.

Another option for cucumber companion plants is the summer field peas. They have a symbiotic relationship with the soil bacteria, and they fix nitrogen. They can be direct sown from early March to late June. This allows you to have a great harvest of both plants in a relatively small area.

You can also use the snapdragons. These plants have large flower heads that will provide protection for your cucumbers from the intense heat of summer. They can be planted in partially shaded areas behind your sunflowers. If you do choose to plant these plants, they should be deadheaded to extend the bloom time.

Another good companion plant for cucumbers and sunflowers is the pole bean. Pole beans can be trellised to grow up along your cucumber vines. They can also be planted at the base of your sunflowers.

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