Can Squash and Tomatoes Be Planted Close to Each Other?

During the growing season, a number of companion plants can help increase production, decrease pest pressure, and add flavor to your tomato crop. Most of these companions are perennials and can be grown in pots, beds, or along the edges of annual polycultures. They can also be grown as an interim crop before tomatoes are ready to harvest.

Borage is a popular flowering herb that is considered a good companion plant for tomatoes. Borage’s flowers attract beneficial insects and act as a trap crop for pests. Borage is also purported to repel hornworms. In addition, nasturtiums add a splash of color to your garden and can be used as a natural garden spray. They are also highly nutrient-accumulators. In addition, they attract beneficial predators, such as syriphidae that eat aphids.

Another good companion plant for tomatoes is chickweed. Chickweed is extremely nutritious and can be harvested at any time. It also pulls nutrients from the soil, which makes them available for the tomatoes. This plant can also be planted beneath the tomato plant to provide ground cover. Chickweed also attracts beneficial insects such as bees and flies.

Nasturtiums can add a splash of color to your garden and are good companion plants for tomatoes. Nasturtiums are also beneficial because they act as a natural trap crop for tomato pests. Nasturtiums can grow into large bushes and can provide an additional yield. Nasturtiums also act as a natural deterrent to squash vine borer, a harmful pest.

Sweet alyssum is another good companion plant for tomatoes. It helps tomatoes produce a chemical that kills root knot nematodes. Marjoram is also a great choice for tomato plants because it attracts beneficial pollinators. Amaranth is another great choice for tomato plants because it is a yield producer. Amaranth also provides protection for beneficial predatory beetles.

Another plant that works well with tomatoes is cucumbers. Cucumbers are another living mulch plant that can be planted beneath tall plants. They also provide shade for the tomato plant and help retain moisture in the soil. Aside from cucumbers, lettuce also works well with tomatoes. During the growing season, lettuce can also provide shade for the tomato plant.

Another excellent companion plant for tomatoes is oregano. Oregano is a perennial herb that is highly aromatic. It has been used to deter insect pests for centuries. It can also be used to season tomato dishes. It’s also a good deterrent for green stink bugs and aphids.

Another good choice for tomatoes is celery. Celery needs a lot of care to be an effective companion plant. It can also help keep harlequin bugs away from your tomato plant. It can also be used to cover up any tomato plants that may be suffering from blight.

Another good companion plant is a variety of zucchini. These plants share similar growing conditions and have the same nutritional requirements. Squash is also a great ground cover for the tomato plant. Winter squash is a great companion plant for tomatoes because it conserves water. In addition, winter squash is a great plant to help shade the ground, reducing weeds and preventing moisture loss.

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