Can You Grow Garlic Next to Herbs?

Whether you have a small garden or a large one, garlic is a plant you can grow that will help you enjoy many benefits. Garlic can be used to deter pests, prevent disease, and improve the taste of your meals. It also acts as a natural fungicide. Garlic is easy to grow and will fit into most soils. Fortunately, there are many plants you can grow next to garlic that will benefit you and your crops.

Some of the best companion plants for garlic are dill, summer savory, and chamomile. These plants help increase the growth of garlic, improve its flavor, and attract beneficial insects. In addition, the flowers of these plants attract pollinators to help your crops produce better crops.

Planting garlic next to spinach or other leafy greens can help to keep weeds at bay. They also create a living mulch around the garlic plant, which prevents moisture from being lost. Plants in the leafy green family, such as lettuce, are also excellent companion plants. This allows them to grow in cooler seasons without competing for nutrients with the garlic plant. They also provide ground cover, which helps to protect the garlic plant from the sun.

Planting garlic next to beets can help improve their flavor. When beets grow next to garlic, they take in nutrients from the soil at different levels, which can make them more resistant to disease. Garlic can also protect beets from fungal infections. It also helps to prevent carrots from being infected by root maggots.

Garlic is a good companion plant for many fruit trees. It is also an excellent partner for roses. Its strong scent helps to keep pests away. Adding garlic to your garden can also help protect your plants from gray mold.

It is important to remember that garlic does not play well with many legumes, including beans and peas. You should also avoid planting garlic near strawberries. This will not help the growth of strawberries, but it will contaminate the flavor of the garlic plant.

Other plants to avoid planting with garlic are hyssop and sage. These plants are not good companions. They may also have a chemical interaction with the garlic plant that will not benefit your crops. In addition, hyssop and arugula have a scent that can be harmful to garlic. Moreover, sage may stunt garlic growth.

Planting garlic next to peppers is also a bad idea. Peppers are heavy feeders. They fix nitrogen into the soil. Planting garlic next to peppers can increase the amount of nitrogen in the soil, which can negatively affect the growth of the garlic plant.

Planting garlic next to fennel will also prevent garlic from thriving. Fennel has a scent that is similar to garlic, and it can negatively affect the flavor of the garlic plant. It is also a good idea to avoid planting garlic next to asparagus. This will not allow the asparagus to grow well. Garlic will stunt the growth of asparagus.

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