Can You Plant Squash Next to Peppers?

Adding companion plants to your peppers can improve their health and increase their yield. These plants can help deter pests, attract beneficial insects, and enhance the flavor and appearance of your peppers. They can also provide shade and reduce weeds.

The buckwheat plant is a great plant to plant near peppers. It provides green mulch and attracts beneficial insects. It’s also a good companion plant for peas, onions, and tomatoes. This plant can also suppress weeds and help retain moisture. It’s also a great edible ground cover plant.

Another plant to try is the nasturtium. It’s a self-seeding plant, which means that it will reseed itself every year if it is left to grow large seed pods. Its edible leaves are a great food source for beneficial insects, which will help control pests. It also has a pungent scent, which will deter insects.

You can also try planting a hot cherry pepper on the outer edge of your garden. This is an effective way to get extra peppers while maximizing your space. However, you should not plant these peppers too close to apricot trees, as aphids can easily spread a common pepper disease.

Another plant to try is okra. It’s a great deterrent to pests, and it provides partial shade, which will help your peppers grow better. It also helps protect your peppers against strong winds.

You can also try growing radishes, which are another good companion plant. They’re easy to grow and add additional soil coverage. They can be planted before or after peppers, and they also provide a good soil amendment. They don’t compete with the peppers, so they won’t hinder their growth.

You can also try planting beets. They’re a great crop to grow in the spring. Their leaves can help to control weeds while helping to retain moisture in the soil. They’re also a good companion plant for peas, cucumbers, and onions. You can also grow asparagus if you have the space. You can also plant lettuce between peppers to make a great edible living mulch.

The onion family is another good companion plant for peppers. They are easy to grow and they’re great for deterring pests. They also have a great smell, which will help to repel insects. You can also try planting garlic. This plant has a similar smell to onions and is a great deterrent to pests.

You can also try planting basil, which is an herb commonly grown in the summer. It’s great for adding flavor to peppers, and it also helps to decrease evaporation rates. It’s also a good idea to plant rosemary and marjoram, which are both great culinary herbs. These are great plants to grow with peppers because they are low-growing plants that can help to increase humidity in the soil. They also have small flowers that can attract beneficial insects.

It’s a good idea to keep a garden journal to document your successes and failures. This way you can see how well your plants grow, and how you can improve your garden.

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