Companion Planting for Cucumbers and Tomatoes

Phytophthora blight can devastate your cucumber crop. Both cucumbers and tomatoes are susceptible to this disease. The best way to avoid this is by using good cultivation techniques and fungicides. These preventative measures will help you prevent cucumber blight before it strikes.

Luckily, there are many plants that work well with cucumbers. If you are short on space in your garden, you may want to consider companion planting. These plants can provide the benefits of both cucumbers and tomatoes while taking up very little room. Using the right combination can help you save space in your garden and maximize your harvest.

In general, cucumbers and tomatoes are compatible plants. They both like consistent amounts of water and drainage. However, they do not like to be planted too close to each other. If you’re growing them in a garden bed, you should space them at least eight inches apart. You may want to place a trellis around your plants to help them grow upward. It’s also a good idea to plant your vines a good distance away from the cucumbers and tomatoes.

For best results, you should plant your cucumbers and tomatoes sixteen inches apart. This spacing will ensure that you won’t have to worry about the aforementioned diseases. You should also be sure to install stakes around your plants to help prevent root disturbance. The stakes will also help prevent weeds from choking the tomato plants.

You can also experiment with companion planting to enhance your crop. For example, you could try planting mint near your cucumbers. This herb will give your cucumbers a bit of a boost and help improve the flavor of your tomatoes. However, it may also infringe on the nutrients your cucumbers require.

You could also try planting marigolds, radishes, corn and beans around your cucumbers. These plants provide a bit of shade, which will keep your cucumbers cooler and healthier. However, you should be aware that these plants are very thirsty, so they may be thirsty for more water.

Another plant that deserves a mention is the basil. Basil is said to improve the flavor of your tomatoes. However, you should be cautious about growing basil next to cucumbers, as it can stunt their growth. Also, be aware that basil has a tendency to overgrow and can suffocate your cucumbers.

You should also be careful about planting your cucumbers and tomatoes near other plants that may be prone to diseases. For example, you should avoid planting cucumbers in the same area as potatoes. Potatoes compete for water, nutrients and space with your cucumbers. They also can attract disease-causing insects. You should also avoid planting your cucumbers near melons, as they can attract cucumber pests.

Planting the right plants is the only way to ensure that you will get a bumper crop of cucumbers and tomatoes. It is also the best way to ensure that you get the most out of your garden space. If you are not sure which plants to plant in your garden, ask the experts.

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