What Can You Not Plant Near Cucumbers?

Having a wide variety of plants around your cucumbers will help them grow healthy and strong. But there are some plants you should never plant near your cucumbers. Not only will they crowd them out, but they may also harm them. To avoid these problems, you need to know which plants you should avoid.

One of the best ways to keep cucumbers healthy is to plant them near other plants that repel insects. While you are at it, you can also plant plants that enhance the taste of your cucumbers.

For example, a pot marigold, also known as calendula, can help you deter cucumber beetles. It also attracts beneficial insects, such as hoverflies that help eat cucumber aphids. Another plant that works as a cucumber aphid trap is nasturtiums.

Another plant you may want to consider is dill. This herb has the potential to improve your cucumbers taste. It also attracts a variety of beneficial insects, such as ladybugs, which help rid cucumbers of pests. It is also a good companion plant for cucumbers, as dill grows well and looks nice in your garden.

Other plants that you may want to consider planting near your cucumbers are tomatoes, corn, and beans. These vegetables add nitrogen to the soil, which can help your cucumbers grow healthy and strong. They also give your cucumbers extra time to mature.

Another plant you can plant near your cucumbers is a ground cover. This plant will protect the soil and keep it cool. You can also plant sunflowers near your cucumbers for some extra pollination. The more pollinators you have in your garden, the more cucumbers you’ll have to harvest.

A large leafy plant will also block sunlight for your cucumbers, which can slow their growth. Another plant you should avoid is basil. The strong odor of this herb can be overwhelming to your delicate cucumbers. You’ll also want to avoid plants that require a lot of water.

A plant that may not be as beneficial to your cucumbers is sage. Sage spreads quickly, and it has a pungent smell that can overpower the subtle flavor of your cucumbers. Sage also has the potential to stunt your cucumbers’ growth, so don’t plant it too close to your cucumbers.

Another plant you may want to avoid is potatoes. While they will add nitrogen to the soil, they will also compete with cucumbers for water and soil moisture. You’ll also want to avoid plants with a strong smell, such as peppermint. The best companion plants for cucumbers are legumes, such as beans, which will fix nitrogen in the soil and help cucumbers thrive.

Other plants you may want to consider planting near your cucumbers include radishes, beans, and peas. These vegetables will not only improve your cucumber’s flavor, but they will also give them extra time to mature. They are also very easy to grow. They also need a lot of sunlight to grow well. So, if you want to give your cucumbers a head start, plant them early.

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