What Grows Well With Squash and Zucchini?

Whether you are growing zucchini or squash, there are several plants that you can plant that will make your garden more productive and help prevent pests. Some of the most popular companion plants for zucchini include marigolds, nasturtiums, and radishes. There are also many fragrant herbs that have flowers that will attract pollinators.

Plants in the Cucurbita family are ideal companions for zucchini and squash. They include pumpkins, cantaloupe, watermelon, and various other beneficial vegetables. They are also known for their ability to fix nitrogen and attract beneficial insects to the garden. They also protect the soil from weeds and rodents. This makes them a great choice for gardeners.

Planting the right companion plants will help you attract beneficial pollinators and predate pests. Some of the best options include rosemary, dill, and marigolds. They are all easy to grow and will attract beneficial pollinators. They will also repel pests like aphids and squash vine borers.

Another great choice is arugula. This plant has a sweet scent and blooms on the same time as zucchini. It will also provide shade for the squash plants in hot weather. Another option for gardeners is mint. It is a good repellent to rabbits and deer, and it is also a good attractant to pollinators.

Other plants that work well with zucchini include sunflowers. These plants provide shade to the squash plants, which helps keep the soil cool and helps prevent the growth of weeds. They also attract pollinators like bumble bees.

When planting a variety of squash together, be sure to leave a few feet between the two crops. This will help to avoid the possibility of powdery mildew. Planting zucchini with cucumbers may increase the possibility of powdery mildew, as cucumbers can choke out the vines of zucchini. If you are planting squash and pumpkins, you should also keep in mind that the vines may entrap the vines of zucchini. The vines of cucumbers can also choke out other plants, so you should be careful about planting them too close to each other.

Traditionally, the most popular companion plants for zucchini include corn, dill, and parsley. These plants have been used for centuries to help prevent pests. They also help to improve the soil for zucchini and squash.

Borage is a popular herb for attracting pollinators to your garden. This plant emits calcium back into the soil. It is also a good repellent to cucumber beetles and squash bugs.

Other decorative flowering plants can also be used as companion plants for zucchini and squash. They are great choices for gardeners, as they are easy to grow and will help to increase yields. They are also strong smelling and can help to deter pests like aphids. Other options for gardeners include oregano and chives. They are also strong deterrents to whiteflies and aphids.

Planting corn and zucchini together is also a natural pest deterrent. The corn’s tall stem helps to support the trailing vines of the squash, which helps to prevent weeds from growing. In addition, the shady roots of corn reduce weed growth and improve moisture retention.

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