What is Best to Plant Next to Cucumbers?

Adding companion plants to your cucumber crop is a great way to make it thrive. Besides adding flavor and color to your cucumbers, these plants can also deter pests and help your cucumbers grow. Some plants are better for your cucumbers than others, but which ones are right for you?

One of the best companion plants for cucumbers is dill. The herb is known to deter insect pests, and it has a nice taste. The flavor of cucumbers depends on the aromatic herbs, so make sure you choose wisely.

Nasturtiums are a nice addition to your cucumber garden, but they are also a great deterrent. They deter insect pests, provide shade, and improve cucumber flavor. They also attract beneficial insects, which can help your cucumbers grow.

Another good companion plant for cucumbers is radishes. This plant is easy to grow, and will help your cucumbers grow. It is also good for your soil, as it provides nitrates, which are beneficial for plants. Radishes grow quickly and mature within 21 to 35 days. They also serve as a plant marker, helping you to keep track of your cucumbers and other plants.

Other plants that make good companion plants for cucumbers are mint and sunflowers. These plants are great for your garden, but they are also a bit invasive. You can plant them around your cucumbers, but you should not harvest them. The sunflowers, on the other hand, provide good shade, and have thick stalks that are perfect for attaching to your cucumber vines. They are also not very thirsty.

Another good companion plant for cucumbers is oregano. It is one of the best deterrents, and it can attract beneficial insects. These include ladybugs, which eat insect pests, such as cucumber beetles. Insects that can eat aphids are another good thing to have around.

Another good companion plant for cucumbers is a root vegetable, such as beets. These plants won’t compete with your cucumbers for space or nutrients, but they can help them grow. Root vegetables such as beets and radishes will also improve your cucumbers’ flavor.

Another good companion plant for cucumbers is lettuce. It doesn’t get too much love, but it’s a good deterrent to insect pests, and it provides a nice touch of color to your garden. You should plant lettuce near cabbage family plants to keep cabbage butterflies from attacking your cucumbers.

Another plant that is good for your cucumbers is calendula. Calendula is also known as pot marigold. The pungent smell of marigolds is thought to deter pests, and it has some good tricks up its sleeve. Adding calendula to your garden can help you attract hoverflies, which can eat aphids, and parasitic wasps, which can help rid your cucumbers of aphids and other pests.

Other plants that make good companion plants are the sunflower and radishes. The sunflower provides a solid rod for your cucumber vines, and the radishes are a good plant marker. They will make your cucumbers happy, but you will have to remember not to harvest them.

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